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Nacho Libre (2006) - Review

I actually went and saw Nacho Libre on its opening day. I don't see many movies the day that they open, but it was towards the end of finals, and my friends and I felt that we needed to see a stupid-funny movie to unwind. We were mostly right about this film; it was stupid, but it only had a few funny parts.

At the beginning of the film we were distraught to find that it was produced by Nickelodeon studios; I had been expecting a movie on par with Jack Black's School of Rock. How could it be funny when it was rated PG and produced by Nickelodeon? Our fears were not put to rest by opening few minutes either; the setup was somewhat boring and unfunny. By the end of the first twenty minutes or so, however, the plot had improved somewhat.

In Nacho Libre, Jack Black plays a monk who has lived his entire life at an orphanarium, and is forced by the other clergy to do undesirable tasks, such as cooking every meal. He has long dreamed of being a luchador (wrestler) but is unable to because the church views these men as false idols. One day after being attacked by a bum he decides to make something of himself. He finds the bum, named Esqueleto, works out a deal where they will train together, and creates the alter-ego Nacho. Even though they are horrible fighters, Nacho and Esqueleto continue to try their luck in the ring so that Nacho can bring home money to the orphans, as well as to Sister Encarnacion, an attractive nun he has taken a liking to.

I found the best part of the movie to actually be the soundtrack. The songs are catchy and fun, and I was quite interested in downloading the soundtrack when I got home. I was unfortunately unable to find it anywhere on the internet. If anyone knows where to find it, please leave a comment with a URL.

As for the rest of the film, it was entertaining, but it was not consistantly funny. There were some parts that made me laugh for minutes, but there were also long dry spells where all attempts at humor fell flat, despite the fact the entire row of 12 year old girls behind us laughed at every single line in the movie. The ending also left Nacho and Encarnacion's love situation unresolved, which I found to be annoying. I don't know whether it was a consious decision, whether it paves the way for Nacho Libre 2, but I find it hard to believe anything could occur between them. They did after all take vows of chastity. Adding this to the almost unbearable beginning, Nacho Libre is not a stellar comedy, but it is somewhat entertaining and may warrant a rental.

Film Filter Rating: 2 / 4

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