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Donnie Darko (2001) - Clips

Here are some of the best scenes from the movie Donnie Darko which stars Jake Gyllenhaal. Although this movie is relatively unknown by mainstream audiences, many non-mainstream viewers (read: goths, etc) are vary familiar with the film. It is the story of a mentally disturbed individual, Donnie, who narrowly misses being killed by a falling jet engine, and begins to take orders from a vision of a man in a rabbit suit. It's actually very interesting to watch, despite the low budget special effects. I suggest that you go out and rent it today.

Download Here
(2:33, 37.9MB)

Head Over Heels Clip
This clip shows Donnie entering his high school. During the entire clip, the song"Head Over Heels" by the Eighties band Tears for Fears is playing. Time speeds up and slows down, giving this clip a dreamlike feel. Many of the major characters appear for the first time in this clip.

Download Here
(1:32, 22.8MB)

Smurfette Clip
Donnie and his buddies discuss the sexual habits of smurfs while drinking and shooting a BB gun. Donnie has some classic lines in this clip.

Download Here
(3:18, 49.1MB)
Fear Lecture Clip
Jim Cunningham (Patrick Swayze) gives Donnie's school a lesson on the dangers of fear, and how to over come them. When he opens up the mike for questions, he isn't prepared to deal with Donnie.

Download Here
(2:40, 39.5MB)
Frank in the Bathroom Clip
Donnie has a vision of Frank, the demonic rabbit, in his bathroom while taking his pills. At the same time, his parents are at a PTA meeting at Donnie's school. The teacher who raises the issue of book banning reminds me of my old gym teacher Mrs. Thursby.

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